Tru Classic Legacy
A Tru Sacred Legacy and Gay Bar Painted Max
Passions Rebel
A Tru Peppy San
For those of you that have followed us for a while, thank you!! Change is inevitable. W Diamond C Ranch has had many ups and downs. We've had tragic accidents and lost two mare prospects as well as the loss of Passions Rebel, the very horse on our diamond logo. Many times, we have wanted to give up. But, horses are a passion in our lives and will forever be so! With that said, we have a new Stallion Prospect! Performance Bred KC Royal Reward is Double Homozygous for Black and Dun. He has a great mind and we have high hopes for him. 
Please check back often for updates. It has been a while since we have updated the site so please be sure to check out the pages and understand some are still under construction. Enjoy!    
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Crystal Cundall
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