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Zodiac Buckle
2002 Bay Tobiano, APHA 766,061
"Hank" was bred and raised right here in the Rozet area.  He is a true country horse.  His disposition is very quiet.  
We found out Hank needs a little chiropractic or masseuse work and will then be a perfect riding horse.  We had a few issues with him and now believe they were due to pain. Regardless of his health, he will live his life out with us, as he deserves; such a good boy.
Asher Koa
1995 Bay with Pangaré 
unknown parentage

Ash (left) is the old guy of the crew.  Bought as a bucket baby at a couple months old, he's been with me since I graduated High School.  He used to be the most reliable pack horse that could be trusted to pack out the antlers.  Now, he's in retirement and each day is a gift.